Backtest futures contracts portfolios with 50+ contracts and ready-to-use strategies

We provide a web-based backtesting software to backtest futures contracts portfolios without writing a single line of code

  No coding required

  • Combine assets classes, futures contracts and strategies through a simple graphical interface.
  • Different flavours of trend following, carry and value strategies are available out of the box.
  • Experiment with several backtesting options on daily data, starting from the 60's for some futures contracts.


  • We explain in our doc every calculation involved, so that you get reproducible results.
  • We reference our choices regarding strategies and methodology from published paper from academics and practionners.

  Detailed analysis

  • Backtesting results come with many statistics and ratios to help you compare simulated portfolios.
  • Performance attribution analysis shows the individual contribution of each asset class, asset or strategy to the total portfolio P&L.

What we do

FuturesBacktest is a configurable online platform for backtesting futures contracts portfolios without coding. You can choose from 50+ contracts for which we provide up-to-date daily settlement prices with historic data dating back to the 60' for some contracts.

We let you to combine popular investment strategies such as trend following, carry trading or value applied across your investment universe. We provide also weighting methods rooted in academic literature on portfolio construction: inverse-volatility, mean-variance optimization, risk-parity

Our backtesting engine rebalances the whole portfolio at given dates, which lowers the number of trades and makes it more manageable to track.

News from our Blog

Introducing Dynamic Allocation

We are introducing options to compute assets weights dynamically at each rebalancing date, featuring mean-variance and risk-parity methods. We’ll walk you through these new options.


Backtesting Futures 101

You may be familiar with backtesting individual stocks or ETF portfolios. Futures contracts are different in some ways. We’ll discuss some of these differences and what it means for our backtests.




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  backtest 5 futures contracts

  combine trend following, carry and value strategies for each contract

  save up to 5 portfolios

Premium membership

Our most complete option: access all contracts universe and all features.

  backtest 50+ futures contracts

  combine trend following, carry and value strategies for each contract

  unlimited portfolios

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* 'Beta' stage means that we are still developping the platform and that you may encounter a few bugs or missing features.