FuturesBacktest is a web platform to backtest futures contracts portfolios. We compute several strategies on up-to-date daily data, that you can test, alone or combined in portfolios, over decades. Past (simulated) performance does not reflect future returns but we believe that sound backtesting is an important brick towards designing good investment strategies.


This documentation assumes that you are familiar with futures contracts and tradable instruments in general. As a general rule, one must not trade any instruments without a thorough understanding of their functioning.

Futures contracts are derivative products which can provide leverage and thus a large exposure to price fluctuations. Losses can be greater than invested capital. Please review our terms of service and make sure you agree with their provisions. In short, we do not provide investment advice but only software, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data we provide. As a consequence we cannot be held responsible for your investment decisions.


We’d be happy to hear from you, whether you suspect a bug or think that we could make something clearer in the documentation. As backtesting futures on FuturesBacktest does not require to write any computer code, simulation possibilities can be more limited than on other platforms which require programming skills and effort. As such, this platform can be seen as more opinionated. We are eager to discuss these opinions too.

The comment section of every page of the documentation is a good place to start. You can also reach us through the contact form.