Privacy Policy

Thank you for using our website. This page aims at explaining what sort of data we collect about you and how we handle it.

What information we collect

We collect only the minimum amount of personal information from our users. More specifically, we collect and save the following data:

  • your email: we use it to identify uniquely your user account; it must be valid because we would need it to help you recover access to your account if you lose your password;
  • your password: it is managed securely by a third-party service, AWS Cognito, to handle authentication process;
  • your name: it does not have to be your real name, it is only how you would like us to call you;
  • the data you create on our website;
  • some information about your connections, devices, etc.: we use them for analytics purpose.

How we share the information we collect

In order to provide this service to you, we use the following third-party services:

This list may evolve later if we need it to provide our service. We will never sell your data, nor share it with other parties not listed here.

How you can modify or delete your information

You can modify your information from the account page. You cannot change your email address however, as it is used to identify your account uniquely.

You can delete entirely your account and all data associated with it from the same page. We will not keep any data and we would not be able to recover it if you wish to sign up again in the future.

If you encounter any issue while managing your data please contact us.

Our use of cookies and tracking

We use cookies and tracking services to manage authentication and to collect information on how authenticated and non-authenticated users use our website. These are managed by AWS Cognito for authentication and by Google Analytics for statistics. By using this website you need to consent with these two uses of cookies and tracking.